A Skinny Girl, About Skinny Girls

As a girl who can fit into a UK size 6 (US 2, EU 34) pair of skinny jeans without too much of a problem, I have had to put up with a lot of hating myself.

No no, don’t just click away now. Yes, it’s possible for someone with the body that so many women apparently crave to not really like it.
I have had to read countless articles and see and hear endless comments from people, even my own friends, about how “skinny girls aren’t real women”.
In a society where ‘skinny’ has been the main goal for such a long time, you would expect that someone like me would be perfectly happy with their body because well, they’re skinny.
The thing is, I’m not happy with my body, and I can almost guarantee that there are plenty of other skinny girls out there who feel the same.

Of course, the aim is skinny and tall, I am merely 5 ft 1 but that doesn’t stop my friends from telling me to stop complaining about myself when we’re out shopping because ‘you’re so skinny! What do you have to complain about?’.
Well, while we may have model-thin legs and protruding collar bones, we don’t tend to have the curves that are oh so important. Being skinny is not the be all and end all, and of course, being curvy isn’t either.
It appears that to be a ‘real woman’ you have to be thin, have curves and be muscular enough to fill the ‘too-thin’ parts out a little. This is our idea of perfection. It simply doesn’t exist.
I am not allowed to be openly self conscious because “I have legs that other girls would kill for” or because “I have a perfect figure”. I assure you, I do not, but that is besides the point.

I’m not entirely sure what the aim of this is, maybe I was angry when I started writing it, maybe I wrote it to enlighten some of you or maybe it’s a plea – for all the girls who can’t help being skinny to finally be allowed to complain about themselves the same way everyone else does without being ridiculed for having what others don’t.
Perhaps we all should stop complaining. As a skinny girl, I can tell you, skinny wont make you happy – especially now that skinny means you’re not worthy of the word ‘woman’.

I would like to reiterate that I’m not bashing women who are not skinny here, I’m bashing this ridiculous idea that weight and body shape is a trend that should be followed.
Approval and self worth should not come from your weight or how you look in a tight shirt or whether or not you look like you’re wearing a blanket instead of a jumper. It seems that meritocracy is dead, and that people are only worth their physical measurements.

Your curves or my collar bones do not make one of us superior.
I am a skinny girl. I am a real woman.

PS: Sorry for not posting for so long, education took a priority