“Out damned spot”

She screams at her hands,

But the blood isn’t on them

It lies deeper than that.

It runs through her veins,

Pulsates in her brain,

This dreadful half of her DNA,

From the woman who raised her,

Abused and blamed her

For reminding her of the man who ashamed her.

The best of both worlds

But the worst of them too,

Because tragedy ran

Not in just one, but two

Of the people who made her,

Who when together, would take her

To palaces and parks, and taught her how paper

Could be so much more than its physical form,

A place for dreams to be born.

But those dreams weren’t allowed to be had

Because the woman wanted something stronger than that,

And she grew scared of her,

Found solace in a lover,

But the woman couldn’t bear to lose control over

Her every choice,

So tried to silence their voice,

But they simply refused to stifle their joy.


The Liar

I feel it for days
In a million ways
But the outburst won’t come.

I feel it for weeks
As I lie under sheets
But the outburst won’t come.

I feel it in the seconds
When I’ve just learned a lesson
But the outburst won’t come.

I feel like it lies
When I look in your eyes
Because the outburst won’t come.

I think it’s a liar
Because I do feel the fire
But the outburst won’t come.

I think it beguiles
Because I love that smile
But the outburst won’t come.

I think it deludes
Because it’s stronger than blues
But the outburst won’t come.

I’ve felt it for years
But there are no tears.
The outburst just won’t come.

Collision CourseĀ 

Halley’s Comet comes around
Whenever he wants.
He visits the Earth,
Says hello,
And Earth smiles back,

Halley’s Comet comes around
Makes Earth feel loved,
Makes Earth feel special,
Until off he goes again
And Earth remembers
She’s just a weird rock.

Halley’s Comet doesn’t ever stop;
He won’t be tied down.
Earth is too constant,
Too stable,
For Halley’s Comet to stick around.

Should Halley’s Comet decide,
That the Comet life isn’t for him anymore,
He might circle back to Earth
And settle down
But let’s think,
How well could that go?